Surveillance Services

Using highly sophisticated surveillance methods, John Corcoran Private Investigator surveils for purposes of observing or guarding people, places and property. This surveillance looks for signs of activities, dangers or opportunities to gather evidence, document and advance a client investigation.

John Corcoran Private Investigator uses observation practices coupled with recorded documentation of interactions, whereabouts and undertakings to meet the required evidence objectives.

  • Spousal investigations
  • Missing person searches
  • Background checks
  • Civil suits
  • Vandalism
  • Process Service
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Recurring theft
  • Insurance claims

Using modern technology, John Corcoran Private Investigator employs a wide variety of lawful surveillance and monitoring techniques including photography, video and audio recordings, tracking electronics, observation and interviews. Overt surveillance such as business use of video cameras and undetected, covert investigation such as undercover investigative work or subject trailing, John Corcoran Private Investigator gets results.