Child Custody Services

John Corcoran Private Investigator compiles the necessary evidence that can provide the impacts necessary for your child custody case. Often the deciding factor is the investigative casework that can result in a successful court judgement. It can decide the safety of your child’s life. It's that important.

After the court’s decisions are made, the child custody opportunities of presenting investigative evidence are lost. Factors affecting child custody investigation casework include:

  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Parental morality issues
  • Background checks
  • Criminal records or criminal activity
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Spousal accusations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Financial standing
  • Child abduction or child abandonment

John Corcoran Private Investigator services can make for a powerful advocacy in a child custody battle, can provide proof of adverse and sometimes, unsubstantiated parental allegations and may be the essential element to a custody outcome.

Solid investigator’s findings, an investigator's objective, truthful courtroom testimony backed by physical surveillance and documented evidence will always have more court credibility than almost any parental accusations.

John Corcoran Private Investigator can help to change the balance in a child custody conclusion.