John Corcoran Private Investigator

With over 29 years of Private Investigation Services, John Corcoran has the experience and desecration to handle all types of investigative services requirements. Accomplished as an investigator and engaged in a wide variety of investigative scopes.

John Corcoran Private Investigator has been successfully serving the general public, businesses, attorneys and insurance claims professionals that expect value, competent, reputable and ethical investigative talent.

Experienced in overt investigations and a specialist in covert investigations, John Corcoran Private Investigator investigates small or large, from the less complex to the most complex cases. John Corcoran Private Investigator knows the court system.

John Corcoran Private Investigator, as a private investigating expert works on a very personal level to answer questions in complete confidentiality and to address your specific case needs in a professional, thorough and committed manner. Always a standard with integrity.

Finding the truth and facts, whether it's personal services, business services, attorney services or insurance company services.

If you require investigative services, know that when you choose John Corcoran Private Investigator, you are choosing one of the best.

Accurate and Timely Private Investigation

John Corcoran Private Investigator offers a full range of private investigation services, performed as a licensed private investigator throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

Expect the highest levels of professionalism and know that you can rely on your investigative findings to be accurate and timely.

Choose the Right Investigator

Before choosing a private investigator, recognize that John Corcoran Private Investigator represents only the best in investigative agencies. With long experience and impeccable qualifications, John Corcoran Private Investigator produces evidence.

Know that when you choose John Corcoran Private Investigator, you have the best.